Full name{{{Full Name}}}
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
Character as he/she is mostly known
Full nameCharacter's full name
BirthdateBirthdate of character
BirthplaceBirthplace of character
HeightHeight of character
WeightWeight of character
Blood typeBlood Type of character
Family/RelativesFamily or relatives of character
Job/OccupationJob of character
LikesWhat character likes
DislikesWhat character dislikes
HobbiesHobbies character has
Favorite AnimeFavorite anime of character
Favorite CharacterFavorite "person" of character
Favorite GameFavorite game of character
Favorite foodFavorite food of character
Favorite PokémonFavorite pokemon of Character
Favorite DigimonFavorite digimon of Character
Forte in sportsForte in Sports
Special skillCharacter's special skill
Most unpleasantWhat character finds most unpleasant
Favorite songCharacter's Favorite Music
Measurements (bust, waist, hip)Measurements of character
WeaponCharacter's weapon, if any
Fighting styleCharacter's fighting style
CounterpartAnime/Game Counterpart

Creates a Character Infobox for use on Character pages. All parameters are optional except for the name and full name options. Feel free to use whatever parameters apply.

 |name = 
 |image = 
 |caption = 
 |Full Name = 
 |Birthdate = 
 |Birthplace = 
 |Height = 
 |Weight = 
 |Blood Type = 
 |Family/Relatives = 
 |Job/Occupation = 
 |Likes = 
 |Dislikes = 
 |Hobbies = 
 |Favorite Anime =
 |Favorite Character =
 |Favorite Game =
 |Favorite Food = 
 |Favorite Pokémon =
 |Favorite Digimon =
 |Forte in Sports = 
 |Special Skill = 
 |Most Unpleasant = 
 |Favorite Music = 
 |Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) = 
 |Weapon = 
 |Fighting Style = 
 |Counterpart =